Yet Another Network Simulator


This network simulator has quite a few ambitious goals:

The code for this simulator is covered by the GPLv2 license.

Get the code

Release 0.9.0 (2006-05-20)

This release features:

Get it from yans-0.9.0.tar.gz.

Previous releases

A detailed listing of each release and what features were added is available on the previous releases page.

Development version

The development version of this code is available from our mercurial source code repository located at You can browse our latest version online through the link shown above. You can also download the complete development version together with its history and start working on it with the following command (provided you have installed a copy of mercurial before):

hg clone

Use the code

A very short tutorial on how to use yans is available here.


This code is now un-maintained since most of the interesting code moved to ns-3. This page is kept for archival purposes mainly.