Current projects

  • The bozo-profiler is not really a profiler. It is more a library to perform in-process debugging and code path analysis.
  • cvs log analyser: this perl script analyzes a cvs repository and extracts the list of per-author changesets for all modules in the repository and calculates the list of functions changed for each change to a source code file.
  • bb analyser: this perl script analyses the basic block boundaries of x86 code as disassembled by objdump and outputs simple statistics about these basic blocks.
  • code analysis: this webpage considers the distribution of the number of functions with a given code size.

Select past projects

The full list is located there.

Personal information

  • CV/resume, in english: pdf.
  • CV/resume, in french: pdf.


  • DVD: a lot of information on optical (read only, write once and write multiple) media, filsystem and application formats.
  • Graphic chips: a list of freely available documentation on graphic chips.
  • Debugger architecture: a small bibliography of interesting papers on debugger architecture.
  • Curve rendering: a small bibliography on curve rendering.
  • Pagination algorithms: a small bibliography on automatic pagination algorithms.